Saturday, February 28, 2015

Who God Trusts

We've acquired a puppy in the past year - a Great Pyrenees. They were bred to guard sheep - from wolves, in particular. I've been thinking about sheep and wolves lately...

Paul (named "Saul" at the time) was hunting down Jesus' followers and dragging them off to prison. (You can read this story in the book of Acts.) He was high on the Christians' list of people you don't want to show up for church, because you might wind up dead if he knows who you are. But one day, in the middle of a road trip, Paul ran into Jesus Himself, was completely transformed and was sent to live among the very people he had been persecuting. In their experience, this was "Saul the Persecutor," not "the Apostle Paul". I wonder if they all slept with one eye open while he was there.

What a crazy story.

God took a wolf (Saul) who was tearing the sheep limb from limb, stopped him in the middle of the road and said, "Why? Don't do this. You aren't a wolf any more. Now you're a sheepdog." And God asked him to take care of the very sheep he'd been killing.

Who does that?

God does. Because God trusts HIMSELF. God trusts His own ability to transform any heart. Isn't that amazing? And wonderful?

God trusts Himself.

No feeling sorry for ourselves because we found out we were wrong and we failed.
No feeling sorry for ourselves because we don't have what it takes to do what He asked.

If God calls you a sheepdog, you're a sheepdog. Believe it. Because God believes it.

Ambushed by the God Who Trusts Himself,